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We’ve all been there, promising a client to fulfill an order only to find out that you are out of stock! Oh, the horror that comes with disappointing your clients, but how could you have forgotten to update your stock online when someone bought the last one from your physical store?

You see, the online and offline world of your business should be one cohesive experience that meshes together well. Both your online and offline store can really help support one another in a variety of ways, so, approaching each store separately will limit the full potential of your business, missing out on key opportunities.

Sadly, a lot of merchants face the challenge of synchronizing their offline with their online sales effort. However, the good news is that with Zoafia’s new POS feature, Offline -to-Online commerce strategy is about to be a walk in the park.

how could you have forgotten to update your stock online when someone bought the last one from your physical store?

Why Zoafia’s POS is a game-changer for your store.

Yes, we didn’t mince words, but only because it is true. So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Inventory Management just got easier
Imagine It’s 9 PM on a Sunday evening and all you want to do is go to bed or binge-watch your favourite show. But guess what? You can’t because you have to reconcile your inventory of the week, going through the endless work that is comparing sales made on your eCommerce store with those done in your physical brick-and-mortar store.

A study by New research from GetData reports that half of the retail businesses surveyed spend at least 3 hours a week syncing their online and offline orders and inventory. An even further 10% of businesses say they will spend 10 hours a week doing online and offline syncing.
If we are doing the maths, that is 520 hours a week and 22 days in a year. But that doesn’t have to be your reality anymore, with Zoafia’s new POS feature, you can record an offline sale and it automatically updates your online inventory.

2. Improved and streamlined customer experiences
If a customer walks into your store for the first time, already familiar with your product because they’ve bought a few things from your online store previously, is there a way you can easily identify the client’s preference or even know their name? Probably not because their information isn’t available on your in-store POS.
However, when you synchronize the information from your online and offline store with your Zoafia POS, you’ll be able to keep better track of everyone who walks into your store and reward the ones that stay thereby improving your customer experience.

3. Post-sale customer retention becomes easier
Let’s face it, when a customer leaves your store after a purchase, it’s almost impossible to keep them coming back. But with Zoafia POS feature, you can keep track of sales, and retain customer information like e-mail addresses and phone number.
This way, you can begin to gain insights and offer tailored promotions and offers to customers based on their interest or demography .

4. Easily integrate offline sales with other online business tools
Because Zoafia’s POS feature works seamlessly with your Zoafia store, you can easily enjoy our other amazing business tools. These tools include zPay, zBase, zReceipts and zSheets.

  • ZPay is Zoafia’s payment system that enables you to receive payments from your customers online, directly into your bank account without any hidden charges or deductions. ZPay is powered by a trusted leading payment company, thereby securing all transactions.
  • zReceipts helps Zoafia’s users generate an automated receipt for their customers after every purchase made in their shop. Zoafia users can also use zReceipts to send out receipts to their offline customers after every transaction. This feature definitely relieves cost and stress in printing and writing paper receipts for their customers.
  • zBase is a database feature of Zoafia that keeps records of every customer that buys from our users’ shop. ZBase automatically saves customer’s details after they purchase a product from a Zoafia merchant’s store. Zoafia users can manually update their database with the details of their offline customers as well.
  • zSheets gives a track record of the activities in every Zoafia user’s store. With this feature, they can know the pages clicked on the most by their visitors and the most viewed product(s).

How to use the POS on your Zoafia store

Using the POS feature on your Zoafia store is as easy as can be. Here is how to get started:

1. Login to your Zoafia store. If you don’t have a Zoafia store, you can sign up here.

2. Go to your Dashboard.

3. On the top panel, click on the POS button.

4. Select the item being purchased.

5. Select size and quantity and click on “Add to order”.

6. You can select more items to add to order if the customer is purchasing additional items.

7. Once done, click on the “view order summary” button.

8. Once you confirm the order, click on the “Add customer” button.

9. zBase will list your customers, Select/search the customer (for existing customers) or click “Add a new customer” button (for new customers).

10. Once you confirm the customer, you can then select the checkout type: You may select an option from “Cash”, “Bank Transfer”, “Payment link (card)”, “Electronic POS”

  • Cash: If you're to receive cash payment from the customer, select the “Cash” payment option and confirm receipt.
  • Bank Transfer: If you're to receive a bank transfer alert from the customer, select the “Bank Transfer” payment option when you confirm.
  • Payment link (card): With Zoafia’s POS feature, you can now generate payment links and share them with your customers. All you have to do is to select “Payment link (card)” option and a link is automatically generated.
    Next, you can decide to copy the link and share as a text message, send to their email address or directly to WhatsApp.
    Once the link has been shared, your customer can use the link to pay for your product, click "done" and to finish.
  • Electronic POS: If you have an electronic POS machine in your physical shop, you may use this. Once payment has been made, you may select the “Electronic POS” payment option and confirm receipt.

Once the steps above are carried out, a sale is recorded and your inventory is automatically updated. You may check your dashboard for your shop’s new sales summary.

The retail industry is forever evolving. Synchronizing your online and offline commerce effort is key to success in the new digital age. It is therefore important that retailers do not waste time on tedious manual inventory and sales syncing. So what are you waiting for? Start using Zoafia’s POS feature right away.